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IIAD offers two types of memberships: Agency and Associate


IIAD Agency Membership

Eligibility: IIAD membership is open to agencies that have the contractual freedom and unqualified discretion to place business with any insurance company available to the agency. The agency cannot be associated publicly with any insurance company that limits in any way the free choice of markets, and the agency must meet all of these criteria:

  1. Have a Texas general lines or limited lines Property & Casualty or general lines Life & Health license
  2. Operate on a commission &/or fee basis and as an independent contractor
  3. Have, by contract with insurance companies, ownership of agency accounts and policy expirations
  4. Subscribe to IIAD’s bylaws

    Agency Membership Dues: Dues are based on the number of total agency personnel headcount and may be paid annually or quarterly. The fiscal year runs 9/1 to 8/31, and dues for new members will be pro-rated by the month.


    1-3 Employees $85 per quarter $340 annual
    4-5 Employees $125 per quarter $500 annual
    7-10 Employees $150 per quarter $600 annual
    11-15 Employees $200 per quarter $800 annual
    16-20 Employees $250 per quarter $1,000 annual
    21-25 Employees $300 per quarter $1,200 annual
    26-50 Employees $400 per quarter $1,600 annual
    51+ Employees $500 per quarter $2,000 annual

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    IIAD Associate Membership

    Eligibility: Any firm who has a bona fide interest in or renders a service to the Independent Insurance Industry and shall further the interest of the Association shall be eligible to apply. This category includes carriers, brokers and vendors that are not retail agents.

    Associate Membership Dues: Dues of $550 are paid annually and cover all employees of the organization. Dues may be pro-rated by month.

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